Olmsted County Fair Talent Show

Olmsted County Fair Talent Contest Rules

  • If a contestant is a former Minnesota State Fair Talent Contest winner, they may not compete in the same division for the OCF Talent contest.
  • This competition is for amateurs only and professionals are not permitted to compete. Only Vocalists may use recorded accompaniment, provided it contains instrumental accompaniment ONLY; absolutely NO VOCALS are allowed on the recording. If the recording has vocals of any kind, the contestant will be disqualified. CD’s are required if using an accompaniment.
  • Judges’ decisions are final and scores are not released to contestants or the public.
  • First place winners will advance to the Minnesota State Fair Talent Contest and must perform the same act or musical selection used at the Olmsted County Fair
  • There is a FOUR MINUTE time limit for each contestant. Any contestant who goes over the four minutes will be disqualified.
  • If you have participated and won in another County and will be representing that County,
    please give this information to Sharon Hart when you arrive. You may still participate and are eligible to win.

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  • Talent Winner Plaque – 1st place Open division
  • Talent Winner Plaque – 1st place Teen division
  • Talent Winner Plaque – 1st place Pre-Teen division
    (1ST place winners will be entered to perform in the 2018 Minnesota State Fair County Talent Contest)

Offline Application

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  • PRE-TEEN DIVISION is open to contestants age 12 and under ONLY.
  • TEEN DIVISION is open to contestants ages 13 through 18 ONLY.
  • OPEN DIVISION is open to any contestant, regardless of age.
    *In cases where the act consists of a group of people, choose the division that is appropriate for the majority of the group members.
    If you have any questions about the rules set forth by the Olmsted County Fair Board in regards to the Olmsted County Fair Talent Contest, please contact info@olmstedcountyfair.com