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Mission Statement: Why? When? Who?

It is the mission of the Olmsted County Agricultural Association to preserve, improve and promote the Olmsted County fairgrounds property as a premier site for agricultural, educational and community events.


We will work to honor Dr. Christopher Graham’s legacy and to fulfill the expectations of Dr. and Mrs. Graham as stated when they gifted the fairgrounds property to Olmsted County. In the legal document titled “Gift of Deed” dated October 22, 1919, the stated “Reasons for the Gift,” say that Dr. Graham “is giving the property to Olmsted County with the understanding that they and the Olmsted County Agricultural Association shall work in harmony to carry out the intent of the deed.” The “Purpose of Gift” as stated is “to be used for Agricultural or School Fairs, such other fairs, meetings, sales, exhibitions and expositions for any purpose which will advance, further or promote agriculture, education, aviation or any kindred or allied occupation.”

We will promote agriculture, horticulture, home economics, and the arts by encouraging workshops, exhibits, shows, sales, and competitions to be held at the Fairgrounds facilities. We will promote educational endeavors by supporting 4-H, FFA and other youth groups in their project work as we provide a venue for teaching, sharing ideas, preparing exhibits and participating in competitive events.

We will encourage the use of the Fairgrounds by those interested in sharing their skills of technology, science, fine arts, crafts, and hobbies.

We will assume an active role in seeking out and working with those organizations that wish to use the Fairgrounds facilities for events such as livestock shows and sales, commercial exhibits, entertainment, farmer’s markets, flea markets, etc.

We will do the planning and serve as the managing team for the annual Olmsted County Fair. Our goal is to make it one of the best county fairs in the state of Minnesota.

All of these things will be done with concern for the preservation of the historic structures on the site, conservation, and protection of the environment, and sustainability of the fairgrounds as a place where all users will have success with their events.

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It's always free to attend

Free entrance to Fairgrounds Food Row Buildings


No charge
  • Buildings
  • Fairgrounds
  • Carnival
  • Food Vendors


on grounds
$ 5 Vehicle
  • Season Pass Avaible
  • Handicap Spots
  • Certificates
  • Private Access


Concerts at the fair
$ 25+ Person
  • Concerts
  • Bull Riding
  • Motorcross
  • Demolition Derby


Passport to Fun

Unlimited Fun Carnival Rides

Brought to you by Goldstar Amusement!

$55 Passport to Fun

Pre-sale Passport to Fun redemption starts at 3 pm on Tuesday at the Passport to Fun Booth on the Carnival Midway. Passport Booth is open during Carnival hours through Saturday. On-ground Passport to Fun sales are $55 and sold at all Ticket Booths on the Carnival Midway during all hours of operation.

Daily $30 wristbands

Unlimited ride wristband for 1 person, any age, valid from open to close on the day of purchase only. Special available each day of the fair. Daily sales end one hour prior to closing.


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Savory fair Food - Funnel Cakes Ice Cream Hot Dogs Cheese Curds


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Olmsted County Fairgrounds

1403 3rd Ave SE, Rochester, MN 55904

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Phone Number: 507-282-9862 info@olmstedcountyfair.com


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