Come experience a miracle at the Miracle of Birth Center
Farm animals will give birth during the Olmsted County Fair

The Miracle of Birth Center at Olmsted County Fair is there to provide agricultural education and unforgettable experiences for all ages. The Miracle of Birth Center quickly became one of the most popular attractions at the fair.

Fair Food

Olmsted County Fair has it all when it comes to delicious food options to choose from. We got the fair classics like funnel cake, cheese curds, turkey legs, refreshing cold drinks and much more. Come get the local treatment at Olmsted County Fair!

Animal Barns

4-H and FFA are the core of Olmsted County Fair barn shows. Olmsted County fair hosts hundreds of farm animals during the fair from cows, horses, rabbits, birds, lambs, hogs and many more. Bring your family and friends and come out to see the animals that our caring farmers brought to the fair.

Grandstand Events at the Fair

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