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HORTICULTURE BUILDING: Get your hands dirty!

Horticulture Building

Go Get Your Hands Dirty! How soil can make or break your garden. Info on soil testing, samples of different types of soil, info on composting etc. Kids get to create their own mini compost bin and/or fill egg cartons with soil to grow beans. For free!


Horticulture Building

Tomatoes! How to keep plants healthy and what to do with a Big Bounty: Info on growing tomatoes, choosing types, diseases etc. We will have recipe ideas for people who have an abundance of tomatoes. Info on canning. Plus kids do a free fun tomato craft and/or plant bean seeds in egg cartons.


Horticulture Building

Put Garden Pests in their Place! Info on how to identify and manage various garden pests. We will have examples of pests and the damage they can cause. Kids make free crafts - bird feeders with peanut butter and bird seed.

HORTICULTURE BUILDING: Regenerative Gardening

Horticulture Building

Regenerative Gardening. How Your Garden Can Make a Difference. Info on how what and how you plant can improve the quality of the land and water around you. Plus info on what regenerative agriculture is in the big picture. Kids get to make free crafts - bird feeders and yarn stick people.


Horticulture Building

Pollinator Power! Info on the importance of pollinators and how to create a pollinator-friendly yard/garden. Kids get to make any of the free projects we still have from earlier in the week.

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